The Mission

Touching the world with the love of God.

The Vision

To love God, love yourself, and love each other.

Core Values

Get to know more about what makes us different.

1. We believe that every person is important.

2. We believe that God’s Word is unchanging, relevant to everything we encounter and divine.

3. We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.

4. We believe that believers should be authentic and growing in relationship with God.

5. We believe in life-giving relationships

6. We believe that the church is stronger when everyone serves.

7. We believe that the presence of God is vital in everything we do.

8. We believe that we are most like Christ when we give, not only of our resources, but also of ourselves.

9. We believe that others are won to Christ by our lifestyles & lanes created by God to share the Good News.

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