Kingdom Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Using the ShareFaith Kids curriculum and in partnership with parents, we teach the gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ to all children so that they will become disciples of Christ who trust, serve, worship, and obey Him.

Sunday Afternoons

1:00 pm

 Every Sunday there are fun and engaging video lessons from ShareFaith Kids posted here, the app, and our Facebook page. Each video lesson posted on Facebook, also includes a memory verse, discussion questions to take the lesson further, and prayer. 

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This is the beginning of the Gospel of John, one of Jesus’s disciples. He begins by explaining who Jesus is. Jesus is the Word of God; He is God; He is the creator. Jesus was with God at the beginning when everything in existence was created. John describes Jesus as life and the light of mankind. God sent John the Baptist to prepare people to accept Jesus so that they might believe, because there would be those who would not accept Him. But, for those who did believe, they were given the right become the children of God. John explains that when Jesus became flesh, we received grace and forgiveness for our sins against God and His law, which only Jesus has ever followed perfectly.

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